Acne is a common concern for many of us. Hormones and other factors can increase oil production in the skin which then cause pores to become blocked. Clogged pores produce blackheads and whiteheads, and the overgrowth of bacteria can cause redness and pimples. 

If the inflammation penetrates deep enough into the skin, an acne cyst develops. Acne can range from mild (such as an occasional pimple) to severe (continuously red and swollen with deep cysts).

But what CAUSES acne?

There may be a critical yet overlooked element in banishing those blemishes: your nutrition. Acne may actually be caused by gluten and you wouldn’t suspect it. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. Some symptoms of gluten intolerance are stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea. 

Acne that is related to gluten is a different type of break out: it surfaces as an inflamed red painless pimple, sometimes resembling a small cyst. It may not come to a whitehead and can stay around for a week or even more.

When it comes to taking care of acne prone skin it’s crucial to have a good skin care regime. Choosing an effective acne product depends on your skin type, the severity of acne (from mild to cystic) and the amount of acne.

Keep in mind: stronger isn’t always better. It’s best to start with lower strength acne products. 

This can greatly reduce excessive redness, dehydration, and increased sensitivity. Give yourself and your skin time to adjust to what you’re using and if needed, slowly increase the usage or the strength. This allows a more gradual improvement with no discomfort. Remember, your acne didn’t develop overnight so it’s not going to go away overnight… but we can help! 

Our top selling acne treatment line is ReveSkin Acne Products. They contain salicylic acid, micronized silver, soothing natural botanicals, and essential hydrators, without the fragrance, oil, or alcohol. Being an acne sufferer myself for many years, I can assure you that these products are genius!

There is an acne purifying cleanser, acne purifying enhancer, and an acne purifying treatment. Together they provide a calm, clear, soft and hydrated healthy complexion.

To have a better understanding of your skin and acne, schedule a complimentary consultation with Master Aesthetician Steven Giannetta by calling (617) 262-8000 or emailing He will help you put together a customized skin care regimen and an effective treatment plan. 

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CIT PIN Boston

The DeRosa Clinic is excited to announce the arrival of our new, state-of-the-art CIT microneedling device: the Collagen PIN!

The new Collagen PIN is an upgraded and highly advanced version of the former microneedling pen that will produce faster results in half the time. Here are some new features:


NEW! 36 needles instead of 12. That’s three times the effectiveness and results.

NEW! Seven speeds instead of three – the new speeds make it possible to more deeply and effectively penetrate the skin.

NEW! The post treatment kit is larger and more inclusive.

NEW! Add-ons: stay tuned for the most up-to-date list of add-ons, such as PRR (Protein-Rich Retinol), 10% Vitamin C, and PRP (Plasma Rich Plasma, otherwise known as the vampire facelift).  We’re also adding more packages, including one for Targeted Spot Treatment.


PRICE: For only $50 more than the previous CIT treatment with the older device, you will now receive a significantly more powerful and effective treatment.  We are very excited about this new device’s capabilities, and we know you will be too.

What is CIT (Collagen Induced Therapy)?

CIT now uses 36 small needles to create micro injuries that will then naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production—which we all know is the key to healthier and younger-looking skin. Not only will CIT help transform wrinkles and fine lines, it also greatly improves acne scars, skin texture, pigmentation, skin laxity and pore size.

Needles, you say? Yes, but don’t imagine a flu shot or acupuncture needles here…these are tiny ones within the pen itself and don’t cause significant pain or discomfort.

In fact, the process of microneedling causes much less damage to the epidermis than dermal rolling, lasers, or any other ablative treatments—it actually protects the skin’s cell growth, which makes for quicker healing and a higher rate of success.

AT DEROSA CLINIC: Based upon your skin and your specific concerns, we will select one of the seven speeds and determine the desired depth best suited to your concerns. Once the skin is gently numbed with a topical cream for your comfort, we will install a sterile disposable needle cartridge holding 36 micro needles that will glide across the skin, mechanically inducing micro injury.

AFTER: Immediately after treatment, your skin will look moderately red, resembling a light to moderate sunburn. You will receive a post-treatment skin care kit that is included in your CIT package, including a gentle cleanser, a hydrating serum, a soothing moisturizer, and a protective sunscreen. These products are specifically formulated to be used following micro needling to provide a safe and healthy result.

For further information, schedule a consultation—and start your journey to beautiful skin!

Give us a call at (617)262-8000.






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Rhinoplasty in Boston in the summer.

Ok, so you’re almost there. You’ve made the decision. You’re tired of trying to strategically angle your face in pictures so that your nose looks smaller. You’re finished trying to survive on the lack of sleep from your deviated septum. You’re going to do it: you’re finally going to feel better, inside and out: you’re going to get a rhinoplasty.

But now you have something else to figure out: WHEN is the right time to schedule your surgery?

I often recommend that my patients undergo their long-anticipated nose jobs in the summer months. Why? For high school and college students especially, not only is it easier to take time off to recuperate, but summer is ideal for this kind of ‘transition’ surgery.

While rhinoplasty will ‘transition’ your nose into something that better matches and fits your face, summers can also be an important ‘transition’ time before starting college or your first job. If you get your nose job over the summer, you’ll be well on your way to being fully healed before starting these new milestones.

Having your surgery during the summer means you won’t have to answer so many questions from people you would otherwise see every day, you will have proper healing time, and you get to start your life with your new nose before anyone knows the difference!

To schedule a consultation, please call the DeRosa Clinic (617) 262-8000 or email:  Dr. Jaimie DeRosa will be happy to walk you through what you can expect in this often life-changing surgery.

Want to know more about rhinoplasty? Click here.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Boston

The term “growing old gracefully” is one that I first remember hearing as a child in the 80’s. The term was generally used in conjunction with a comment about Joan Rivers or some soap opera star who’d had their skin stretched so tightly that they resembled a new species of human.

The comments were largely to the disgusted effect of “I’d never do that. I plan on growing old gracefully.”

“Well, duh…” I used to think. To be frank, the alternative seemed rather dire.

But today we are lucky – much luckier than our beautiful grandmothers and their mothers. Not because we have to get our faces altered drastically in order to age well or gracefully, but because now there are so many choices and products that will either naturally or easily give us a self-confidence-booster and help us to look on the outside as good as we feel on the inside. And much of it doesn’t involve any sort of surgery whatsoever.

Facials and peels at the DeRosa Clinic will make your skin absolutely glow for days and even weeks after. They are perfect for those spring and summer outings, when pictures are taken and everyone wants to look their best.

If you’d like to take it a small step further, Botox and fillers are now so easy and affordable that they can be done on a lunch break and no-one will ever be the wiser. At the DeRosa Clinic, gone are the days of the early 2000’s, when foreheads, faces, and expressions were completely frozen (and also a dead giveaway): a little touch up here and there makes a world of difference, and will evoke all sorts of reactions pertaining to “well-rested” and “fresh,” and “younger.”

But  sometimes injectables and facial treatments just don’t do the trick to get you looking as young as you feel. This is when I think surgical procedures, such as a mini-facelift, eyelid lift or browlift, make sense. No longer do you need to look wind-blown or “Joker”-ish. My philosophy for aging face surgery is to keep people looking like themselves (not a caricature of themselves) but with a few less jowls, sags, and baggy skin. When done right, no one can pinpoint what happened—your friends, family, and colleagues will just think that you lost weight or look more rested.

In my opinion, “growing old gracefully” means growing old but taking advantage of products, treatments, and even sometimes procedures that help to make yourself feel vibrant, confident, and glowing.

And here’s another myth that needs to be debunked: maintaining or getting a facial procedure, treatment, or filler is not just for stereotypical high maintenance or vain person. In fact, most people I know who engage in a routine of facials and treatments are the most low key, down-to-earth personality types, who simply feel a little better when they treat themselves to a beauty boost once in a while.

Have you always been curious, but have no idea where to start? Start at the DeRosa Clinic! Here you will be given a plethora of options and choices best suited to your personality, skin type, general needs, and budget.


If you would like to schedule your consultation, please give us a call at (617)262-8000.

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Congratulations…You’re getting married! Have you given any thought about getting your skin “wedding ready?”

Brides-to-be are usually vigilant when it comes to planning hair and make-up for their wedding day. But there’s one important beauty regimen that is often overlooked: skin! After all, it’s important to look radiant and picture-perfect on your special day. Don’t worry: the DeRosa Clinic has you covered!

Whether you have time to plan ahead or hardly enough time at all, we can ensure that your skin looks its absolute finest. In fact, we’re here to help the whole bridal party and family members!


Come in 3-6 months before your wedding day for a complimentary skin consultation so that we can evaluate your skin care regimen and make a plan to get your skin wedding-ready. We will discuss the many options that are available here at the DeRosa Clinic, such as medical grade facial treatments, chemical peels, dermaplaning, CIT microneedling, and many more choices.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your make-up is getting caked-up in those pesky forehead lines or that there are too many toes in your crow’s feet? If so, you may benefit from a touch of Botox to achieve line-smoothing results on your forehead or around your eyes.

Even better, Botox may be done on the same day as most of our facial treatments. What about a tiny bit of facial filler to provide a subtle hint of fullness to your lips, or to soften any visible expression lines?


Even though we have been focusing mainly on the bride, the groom’s skin needs to look healthy, smooth, and clear too! After all, men also have skin issues that need to be addressed, such as acne, ingrown hairs, shaving irritation, hyperpigmentation, and of course: fine lines and wrinkles. With so many pictures, videos, and close-up selfies happening on your special day, everyone wants to look their best.


Did you run out of time? No problem. Bring your group in for a 30-minute party facial on your big day. Not only will it clean and clear your skin to the most optimal state for make-up application, but there is no downtime – just instant results!


Give us a call at our Newbury Street office at (617)262-8000.
-Steven Giannetta

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Okay, so we made it through another winter, but why does it look like our skin hasn’t? You may be asking yourself, “I moisturize, so why am I still so dry? I’m still blotchy and breaking out. I’m ready to cover my face with a brown paper bag!”

Chemical Peel Boston

Well then perhaps it’s time for a chemical peel.

A chemical peel is a treatment during which an acid solution is used to remove the damaged outer layers of skin. After having a skin evaluation and understanding your concerns, your aesthetician will determine which specific peel is best for you. A chemical peel will smooth the skin’s texture, and it’s a very effective way to treat acne, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation.

Chemical peels—comprised of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) like glycolic, lactic, and salicylic—will exfoliate the outer layers of skin and reveal a baby soft layer underneath: one with improved tone, texture, and a healthy fresh glow.



A great way to treat fine wrinkles, areas of dryness, mild pigmentation and mild acne. Light chemical peels are ideal for people who want the benefits of a peel but don’t want the sometimes inconvenient peeling.

Healing time: Same day!



These go deeper and work very well for treating fine lines and wrinkles, active acne, as well as clearing post acne and various levels of pigmentation. You’ll receive a post-care kit with skin care products and instructions for the week.

Healing time:  3-5 Days


Here is a suggested model:

Wednesday: Have the peel done during your lunch break. No one will suspect a thing!

Thursday: your skin will feel a little tight…but really, who doesn’t want their skin to feel a little tight…right?

Friday: the peeling will begin, so you could take the day off from work…and why not treat yourself!

Saturday & Sunday: The peeling will continue.

Monday: return to work looking fabulous. Everyone will be wondering what you did over the weekend…and it’s good to keep ‘em guessing!


Give us a call at (617)262-8000 to set up your consultation.

-Steven Giannetta


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My First Botox

The following is the experience of a patient at the DeRosa Clinic:

Last month I visited the DeRosa Clinic for my first real facial and because Aesthetician Steven Giannetta and Dr. Jaimie DeRosa were so down-to-earth and professional, I decided to open the one can of worms that I have simultaneously feared and desired for five years: Botox.

It’s not that I was scared of the procedure itself. I know it’s as common as getting one’s hair highlighted. The thought of any pain didn’t scare me either: frankly, I’ve seen it done so many times on reality shows like Real Housewives (during which they barely even flinch) that I knew it couldn’t be too bad.

No, what I was more scared of was the following:

  1. Spending a few hundred bucks of my well-earned money on something that might not work, or have minimal results.
  2. Turning into a mannequin.
  3. Starting a regime that I (and my wallet) have to keep up with every few months.
  4. Finding someone who I could trust, medically and professionally to put those little needles in the right spots.

At 38, my “Number 11’s” have been long engraved between my eyes. “Angry face” has always been my default expression despite my actual mood, but for the last few years, my failed attempts to soften my look have only resulted in the frantic and obsessive research into this supposed age-erasing procedure.

I was worried—convinced, actually—especially when catching that accidental glance in the enemy-that-is-the-car-mirror that I was too far gone for Botox. My lines were just too deep. Not to mention the three giant horizontal creases (more like crevices) that had somehow found a permanent home on my forehead. How could a procedure that “relaxed” muscles have any impact on these permanent facial crevices? No way.

When I broached the “B-word” with Dr. DeRosa she explained that her approach was more subtle than many other providers: she didn’t like to use too much at first, in order to properly assess each patient’s reaction. By this time I knew of her credentials, so I was very comfortable. As an added bonus she did not look as though she herself had been stitched and stretched together, like other plastic surgeons I’ve encountered in the past—and like the sole administer of Botox in my home town, from whose office I fled two years ago in total fear.

And even though I live in one of the most expensive towns on the North Shore, to my legitimate surprise, the DeRosa Clinic’s price was significantly cheaper—by well over two hundred dollars—than the quote I was given in my home town. And so, I went for it. Finally!

The procedure itself took about ten minutes or less. After wiping down my skin with astringent, I was simply asked to make a series of expressions (angry face, surprised face) so that Dr. DeRosa could analyze my muscle movement and where to place the Botox most effectively. I got poked by the needle maybe 8-10 times, but they weren’t too bad. It was a bit like letting a mosquito bite you for about three seconds. In fact, some spots, especially along my forehead, didn’t hurt at all. I had injections to help my Number 11’s as well as the horizontal creases, and crow’s feet. That was it—in, out. I saw no markings on my face, and could have walked right back to work if I were on a lunch break.

Being entirely impatient and excited, of course I wanted immediate results. I didn’t get them for a few days (results show up around 7-10 days), and the excitement wore off a bit as life went on. But, almost right on queue, I met a friend for coffee about a week later. She said to me, “You look good! You look so…rested or something.” I hadn’t told her about the Botox before I met her, so I know the compliment was sincere. A few days later, another friend used the same word: “rested.”  A few weeks after that, I went on vacation to my home state to stay with the same high school friends and family that I visit once a year. My friend’s uncle looked me up and down, trying to find something different. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but said, “How come I keep getting older, and you keep getting younger?”

I know, I know, it sounds too gimmicky to be true, but it really is. If it weren’t, I’d come up with something far more sensational to share. But that—as well as a dozen other compliments from people—really did happen. Now, when I look in the mirror I cannot see the creases across my forehead. They are gone. Vanished. No trace. The number 11’s are still there, but you have to look very closely—they are not at all immediately obvious, like the huge deep lines they once were. Crow’s feet? Again, entirely vanished. It’s like I just set the clock back by about eight years. Plus, I can still move my eyebrows. I don’t know how much Botox these celebrities are getting, those people who can’t make a single wrinkle in their forehead…but Dr. DeRosa has somehow found that fine medium ground in which wrinkles are reduced without sacrificing expressions. And if you want more? Just ask for it.

Magic  Botox has been the single most youth-inducing step I have ever done for myself. It makes me have hope that this quick procedure can take the edge off of the aging process, and it seems to have motivated me to do other things to take care of myself as well: more exercise, better diet. Because I feel good now, and I’m not even afraid to catch a glimpse in the enemy car mirror.

I would highly recommend Botox at Dr. DeRosa’s clinic. Grab a friend if you’re nervous—they don’t mind, and it’s sometimes easier to do something new with someone you know! The cost is so reasonable, and you will feel immediately at ease. She will do a great job deciding upon the perfect amount for your face, and offers touch ups two weeks after the original appointment to add any more if necessary.

I’m only sorry I waited so long. Such a small procedure has definitely helped to lift a little part of me that was feeling a lot older than my years.


To contact DeRosa Clinic, give us a call at (617)262-8000.

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At the end of winter, skin can become dry and flaky; it’s time to moisturize with one of the industry’s best skin products, EltaMD®.

For the month of March (while supplies last!) the DeRosa Clinic will be offering a FREE Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel with the purchase of EltaMD® Body Crème and your choice of EltaMD® Aero or Sport SPF.

Elta MD Boston

You can’t find EltaMD® products at your local pharmacy! Elta’s moisture-rich bode crème is a powerful moisturizer that uses a ceramide-enhanced formula with enzymes to promote a healthy skin barrier. Using moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, plant-based lipids, and mango seed butter, this fragrance-free repairing crème is an amazing defense against dry, winter skin.

EltaMD® UV Aero Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 is packed with zinc oxide to prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays that damage and age your skin—this lightweight formula goes on white and dries to a clear finish without leaving skin greasy.

EltaMD® UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50, endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, contains 9% transparent zinc oxide and antioxidant protection that combats skin aging and free radicals associated with UV and IR Rays. This unique protection can be applied on either wet or dry skin, and is water-resistant for 80 minutes.

And finally: don’t forget your feet! It’s almost sandal time… are your heels ready, or do they need a little work before showing them off to the world? Get your FREE Baby Foot Exfoliant Peel with purchase of one EltaMD® Body Crème and one of the above SPFs. We won’t show you any “before and after” pictures after using Baby Foot because frankly, the “befores” are just too gruesome…but rest assured, after you use Baby Foot, your feet will be smooth, clean, and ready for spring!

We would love to see you! Please feel free to stop by the office to claim your offer, but if you can’t make it, we welcome your call at 617.262.8000.

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I feel like I found the best possible surgeon in Boston for me.
Jenn, patient
...and that is what she did, she changed my life.
Suzanne, patient
I felt that she was the person to do the surgery for me, and I have never been anything but thrilled with the results.
Vivian, patient