Below is a list of procedures that Dr. DeRosa offers to her patients. Some of these services can be performed in the office-setting, as well. During your initial consultation with Dr. DeRosa, you will be able to express your concerns, and Dr. DeRosa will then to recommend which procedure(s) are best suited to your needs. Click procedures to learn more.

revision rhinoplasy

Surgery that changes the external appearance of the nose and, often, improves nasal breathing. To read three important questions you should be asking before getting your Rhinoplasty, visit Rhinoplasty: Three Important Questions.


This procedure can help to redefine the jawline, correcting jowling and neck laxity.

Brow Lift

This procedure also addresses the jawline and neck laxity in a less-invasive manner. Patients will often find shorter "down-time" as compared to a traditional facelift and may notice a less drastic change.

Chin implant

Often done in conjunction with lower face rejuvenation surgery, a neck lift (with our without liposuction) can help to further define the upper neck and jawline.


This surgery elevates droopy forehead and/or eyebrows.


Surgery that can correct excess skin or fat in the upper and/or lower eyelids.


Often performed with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery, a chin implant can help to correct a weak chin and better define the jawline.


Surgery to fill and camouflage a facial defect after skin cancer removal.


Botox® can be used to relax overactive facial muscles, especially in the forehead, brow area, and crows feet. To read about the importance of seeing a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon for your Botox®, read Botox From A Double-Board Certified Surgeon.


Fillers can help to correct deep lines in the face and also to help plump or enhance the lips or areas of volume loss in the face.


There are various methods that can be used to help to better camouflage scars on the face or neck.


Earring holes that have stretched or torn the earlobe(s) can be fixed, allowing one to wear pierced earrings at a later date. This surgery can be also used to fix over-stretched earlobes after wearing gauges or to remove ear piercings no longer desired.


This procedure fixes ears that stick out too far from the head using simple suturing techniques.

Skin Care Newbury Street

Our aesthetician offers a variety of customizing facials and peels. She can create a personalized skin care routine incorporating skin care products offered in our office.

Kybella Newbury Street

We offer a new FDA approved injectable to help slim a problematic double chin. To learn more visit: Kybella in Boston.

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